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'Wegan' is a project done in collaboration with Dhruvil Shah, in response to the D&AD New Blood: Connect4Climate brief. 

In short, the challenge was to simplify sustainable living for millennials and Gen-Z around the world. Our project aimed at making the benefits of veganism more inclusive and accessible to everyone.


Vegans usually go vegan for two reasons–opposing animal cruelty or reducing their carbon footprint. In either case, they constantly go out of their way to avoid animal-based products for the greater good of the world. Vegans are the real rebels with a cause. In a country as diverse as India, the reasons people would go vegan are few, but the reasons they wouldn’t can be manifold.



There is a much larger group of people who care about the causes but need a little hand-holding. ‘I would go vegan, but I can’t give up cheese.’ ‘I can’t follow a diet with zero cheat days!’ We often forget sustainable living is about helping the planet, rather than making perfect sacrifices. Veganism does not need to be black or white. Ultimately, it is better to go vegan but occasionally eat cheese, or take one cheat day a week, than it is to change nothing.


The big idea:

People need an alternative lifestyle that goes beyond ‘everything or nothing’ and values half measures over none. A thousand people giving 1% each, is more sustainable than one person giving his 100%. Alone, we might not make a difference. But


Vegan with a ‘we’ is more than just a diet. It’s a lifestyle, a community, and a movement, all rolled into one. Wegan gives people a series of small, accessible changes they can make to live more sustainably. Through touchpoints spanning retail, digital, & print, Wegan shows us just how much we can accomplish as a community.


Wegan aims to alter consumption habits right when they're formed–while shopping. An online filter does the heavy lifting for you and suggests simple changes to make your usual shopping list more wegan.


You are what you eat, and the way it’s packaged, and how it’s delivered.


What’s the first thing that people think of when they see a savings coupon in a supermarket? Discounts? Two for the price of one?


The wegan take on ‘super savings’ turns the concept on its head. Scanning the QR code directs you to a webpage that shows you how to save what matters- life on earth.


It is a reminder that every time we buy cheap, the planet pays.

D&AD_YoungBlood_Connect4Climate_Wegan_Be is where all our efforts come together. It tracks how small changes on your shopping list can create a lasting impact on the planet in real-time.


Whether you’re in it to save animals or the environment, the website shows you how one small step for man can be a giant leap for the planet.

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