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Shreya Arora



Awards '23

For its tenth edition, the Kyoorius Creative Awards team onboarded Talented to design and brand its marketing campaign. I was chosen to lead the project not just creatively, but also as a POC for the client team. The equation that ensued was the definition of high-trust and low-drag, with team Talented rallying to push its limits creatively and produce visuals befitting the KCA legacy.

The visual world was inspired by neurons, as well as synapses firing, and all the elements were created from scratch in 3D.


Do you remember the first time something you made was recognised?
Maybe your mom pinned your finger painting up on the fridge.
Maybe your tweet organically made its way onto a meme page.
Or maybe it happened on stage, with a team you’re proud to be a part of.

For many of us in the Indian advertising community, winning a Kyoorius elephant was the first time we experienced this moment.
And then there are a lucky few who get to build a campaign around this feeling. That’s what we tried to channel while designing the visual identity for the 10th edition of the Kyoorius Creative Awards. The feeling of recognition. The feeling of being a part of something unforgettable. The feeling of taking the first step towards building your legacy.

In a world that forgets, the elephant remembers.
In a world that forgets, the elephant is remembered.


anouncement postsArtboard 1 (1).jpg
anouncement postsArtboard 1 copy.jpg

While all my other projects credit the team by function, this was truly a unique campaign, since strat wrote copy, art dabbled in account management, and every member left their comfort zone not just with the output, but also with their own skill sets. 


Nupur Kejriwal, P.G. AditiyaGautam ReghunathAabhaas ShreshthaTeresa Sebastian, Spandan MahajanAmith NairRitam MukherjeeKarthik NambiarVarun KhiataniMalvika Thirani, Sakshi Karande, Kabir Palrecha, Jessica Mathias.

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