> Illustration

> Art Direction

#AirtelInstaCelebration was a campaign done by the team at Webchutney, Bangalore in November 2020.

In a grid of 150 images, we hid 20 videos for people to find for various prizes. The catch? We made every image look like a video at first glance.

When someone uploads a video, Instagram adds a play button on the top right corner of the screen. To make it harder to identify videos, we added a play button to every image. Viewers had to click on every image to separate the animations from the illustrations.



Creative Direction: Sanket Audhi, Somay Bhatnagar

Client Servicing: Sanjay Pratyush, Prateek Gurbani

Animation: Arnab Dasgupta, Tejas Naga

Copywriting: Suzanna Mathew

Art Direction, Illustration: Shreya Arora